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James Patterson is one of America’s most successful Young Adult authors, however, I haven’t had a chance to read any of his books, until I magically picked up ‘Witch and Wizard’.

The title, just like the book itself, is very simple, mysterious and, with no doubts, hides many fantastic elements.

The book starts in medias res, and ends in the same fashion – very suddenly. Whitford and Wisteria Allgood, two seemingly normal teens, as well as their parents, are accused for witchcraft and wizardry.

There are many dystopian vibes we pick up right from the start: some dull and very totalitarian community hunting down rebellious teenagers, who, in this case, have no idea they could save the world and most importantly, how to save it.

We follow Whit and Wisty on a journey to save the youth in the land, learning their magic and finally, realizing what they’re fighting against.

Who are these powerful heroes, The Chosen Ones? They are an 18-year-old brother and 15-year-old sister who lived a typical teen life, literally just yesterday.

Even though they have been tortured and their lives have turned into survival, the rebellious spark hasn’t disappeared from their behaviors. On the contrary, these tortures have only inspired them to become rebels against the law and the evil authorities.

The book is easy and fun to read, especially for younger generations. The characters aren’t too serious even though they have been placed in serious situations. They rather play around and mock the system.

I believe the ‘W’ bolded with flames of tongues on the covers of the book was a way to warn us that the witch and wizard will light up a spark of rebellion in the readers too. It shows how young people can be powerful, how their actions can change the world and how there will always be a war between the old and outdated and the new and revolutionary.

Discuss: Is our world ready for new, young leaders and the changes they bring with them? Are the older ones necessary the wiser ones too?